Tokyo Motor Show Symposium 2011 (Conference Tower 6F)

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This symposium is part of the automotive industry's communications efforts and will focus on automotive topics of high interest to the general public. Participation in the symposium is free, but show tickets are required to enter the show venue.

Date Time Organizer Theme
Dec. 3
14:00 –
Nippon Road Destinations Driving Japan, Uplifting Japan
Dec. 6
13:30 –
Engineering Policy Division, Road
Transport Bureau, Ministry of Land,
Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism
The Vehicle Safety Symposium
Working Towards a Future of Harmony between People and Cars - Safety Measures Utilizing Cutting-Edge Technologies
Dec. 7
13:00 –
National Traffic Safety and
Environment Laboratory
Future Transport
- Eco-friendly Heavy Duty Vehicles' Technology and Logistics for the Future -
Dec. 8
13:00 –
Japan Automobile Research Institute Aiming at new value creation of vehicles
-So as not to waste the experiences of the Great East Japan Earthquake -
Dec. 10
14:00 –
Japan Automobile Manufacturers
Lessons For the Future
- Examining Barrier-free Vehicles' Contributions in Post-Disaster Situations -

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